My Online Health Shop

My Online Health Shop

We care passionately about health and wellness and the ability to live life abundantly and to the full.

Situated in a Wellness Centre in the Greater Johannesburg, we are acutely aware of the time pressures that so many of society are under.

After long consideration, we were inspired to assist with alleviating stress where we could. Stress is the root of so many people’s lack of well-being. We decided to provide a user friendly, stress reducing and easy way to access health sparing supplements and essential health enhancing foodstuffs……..MyOnlineHealthShop was born!

We aim to provide you, from the comfort of your online device with a variety of natural and healthy products including: supplements; household goods; body care, immune boosting; stress management; weightloss and foodstuffs.

We will be continually researching and increasing our range, ensuring that pure ingredients of the highest quality are provided.

Helping you to heal your body and keep it healthy.

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